The Australian Junior Gliding Club, in conjunction with Lake Keepit Soaring Club are to hold a basic glider maintenance and structural Safety Awareness even to be held at the LKSC premises from the 27th - 29th of September however arrangements can easily be made to stay beyond these dates. The event has the primary objectives of exposing junior glider pilots to:

      • Basic structural awareness and maintenance

      • Daily Inspection processes and possible DI certification

      • Daily Inspection certification on a variety of aircraft

      • Possible extension entailing more detailed Inspections and aspects of Form2 Inspections processes and requirements

      • Exposure to repair procedures and practices

      • And of course going Flying !

This course weekend hopes to:

      • Bring together young pilots and trainees from all clubs and areas in a friendly environment that will allow them to meet and socialise with other juniors of all levels and learn aspects of Glider Maintenance.

      • To expose very junior and/or pre-solo pilots of all experience levels, their friends and family to the knowledge and friendship of more experienced juniors in another aspects of gliding i.e. who fly competitively and cross country. The weekend aims to encourage younger pilots to network with their peers and build the bonds for future years.

The event is not meant to be an exhaustive instructional and training session but more to enable junior pilots to be exposed to various aspects of their aircraft and to help improve their awareness and safety in a relaxed environment of peers. Parents and family are especially welcome.

We encourage junior pilots of all levels to attend and welcome the attendance and support of parents and family. We would also welcome non-flying friends who may be interested in gliding or who would just like to come along and see what’s happening.

We need to get an indication of numbers as soon as possible.

Participant's are encouraged to read the GFA DI Handbook, a link to this handbook can be found here.

For more information about the event event can be found here.

Register your interest by completing the Google Form here.