To qualify to represent Australia at the Junior Worlds there are two levels of requirement. Firstly, there are the pilot qualification requirements as set out in the international rules. Secondly, there is the National procedure for selecting pilots.

International Rule Requirements

The International Gliding Commission sets the international rules. The current pilot qualification requirements can be found on the FAI website under Sporting Code > Current > Annex A.

As of the 2014 edition, the relevant section read as follows:

3.2 QUALIFICATIONS    A competitor must be a citizen or resident of the country of the entering NAC and satisfy the conditions of the FAI Sporting Code, General Section 3.7 on citizenship and representation, and must;

a. Hold a gold badge, or, hold a silver badge and have competed in at least two National Championships;

b. Have flown at least 250 hours as a pilot in command, of which at least 100 hours must be in sailplanes;

c. Hold a currently valid FAI Sporting Licence.

d. Hold a Pilot Licence or equivalent document issued or endorsed by the authorities of the country in which the sailplane is registered, or of the country where the Championships take place;

e. Know, understand, and abide by the FAI Sporting Code, General Section, Section 3 including Annex A and the Local Procedures issued for the event.

National Requirements

In Australia the International Teams Committee forms the requirements that pilots must meet to qualify for selection to the team.

Details of the current selection policy can be found on the GFA website under Sports > International Teams Committee.

As of mid-2015 selection is being conducted based on a pilots performance at eligible National Championships. Selection scores are given to each pilot by dividing their score by the winner’s. A two year process is used, where a pilot competes in at least one national competition each year. A pilot will gain 40% of their total selection points in the first year, with the last year contributing the final 60%.

As of January 2018, Junior pilots wishing to represent Australia in a Junior or Senior World Gliding championships must have competed in one or more Australian Senior National Championships to be eligible for selection.