Getting Involved

The Australian Junior Team is not just a team made up of individuals, it’s a large group of aviation enthusiasts supporting and encouraging each other to be the best they can be in the sport of gliding. There may only be a few pilots but the team itself is made up of crew, managers, supporters, family and friends. To make things easier for the whole team to keep in touch and updated on all the news as it happens, below is a list of ways to support and contact the pilots, managers and most importantly access the team news.

You can become part of the team by supporting us. The team accepts all kinds of support from well-wishes and hugs, to funding and t-shirts. With the World comps mainly being held over in Europe, it’s always great to hear back from home. Just remember that no gesture is too small. The pilots and crew like to give back to their supporters by doing their best in competition and writing personalised responses and updates. It takes a whole team to win a competition not just an individual.

This page will be updated with new contacts as they arise. Suggestions are always welcome, so if you’ve got an idea contact us.

Follow The Team


The best way to stay in touch with the Australian Team is via our Facebook page. This is accessible to all, and can be viewed without needing to have a facebook account. On this page, the team will make posts throughout the day during competitions. This will include photos, updates, and reports from the pilots. The pilots often enjoy getting to write about their day, sharing the experience with everyone back home. You can also use this page to post your well-wishes to the team.

You can visit the page by clicking on the logo.

Support The Team


Unfortunately it costs quite a bit of money to compete in such a prestigious competition. Teams need to cover substantial costs in entry fees, glider hire and maintenance, retrieve fees, food, and accommodation, just to name a few. As Junior pilots tend to be in the low-income bracket, these costs can severely impact their opportunities to train, compete, and do well in competition. A project has been created by the GFA that allows individuals to make tax deductible donations of any amount above $2AUD to the Australian Junior Team.

If you would like to make a donation, visit the page by clicking on the logo and following the prompts. You can be assured that your donation will go directly to the current Australian Junior Team, who will be extremely grateful for any amount.