Junior Instructor Course

The JIC was run by the AJGC for the first time in 2019. The event was very successful, and saw eight young and enthusiastic level one instructors head out in to the gliding community, ready to teach the next generation.

Sadly, we won't be running a centralised Junior Instructor's Course in 2020 due to COVID-19. However, we plan to make the best of a tricky situation and arrange instructor training for juniors in regions of Australia where it's safe to do just that.

If your application is successful (i.e. if you have appropriate experience and your CFI reference is suitable), you will be grouped together with 1-5 other junior instructor candidates from your state. The AJGC will then arrange for you all to come together with one, two or three level-3 GFA instructors at a site near you and during agreed dates. You'll then undergo the training (using COVID-safe procedures), and if all is well you'll be released in to the club system ready for the upcoming soaring season.

The course will be funded by the GFA and the AJGC. At this stage, all expenses associated with flight training will be covered. There is also a possibility of some travel subsidies, depending on the circumstances.

We understand that many juniors will be low on currency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll take this in to account when we pick dates, and will be sure to communicate any new information to participants as soon as it comes to hand.

To put forward your application click here.