WA Update

Michael Keller


  • Winter Social Flying July, NGC, TBC

  • XC Regatta/Coaching Summer 2021, BSS, TBC

  • Summer Social Flying December, GCWA, TBC

Contact: michaelsoar.3000@gmail.com

After our very successful social flying event back in January, I’m sure everyone is keen to catch up again for some more flying events and fun times!

2021 season is looking to be a cracker and I’m hoping to be able to run a few more WA Local Series events this year:

Social Flying Events

These have proved to be the most popular format so far. A relaxed weekend flying with your mates. No pressure to perform, just come and enjoy flying alongside fellow juniors.

A Winter event may be more suitable for mutual flights, basic training and local soaring. During a Summer event we can also arrange mutual cross-country and some lead & follow.

The main focus is to build friendships and find what you enjoy most about gliding.

XC Regatta/Coaching

We have not tried this format yet, but if there is sufficient interest we may be able to arrange a short junior regatta over an extended weekend. Daily cross-country tasks and a good social scene in the evening. Pre-XC juniors can also join in and do coaching flights alongside the regatta. The event would provide exposure to competition flying in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Feel free to get in touch with me and let me know what you’re interested in.


Michael Keller