Local Series Objectives

What is it

The AJGC’s Local Series is an informal series of junior gliding events run in each state, each year. These events run over a weekend or a single day. Some examples of Local Series formats are:

· Cross-country coaching weekends

· Aerobatics training days

· AEF ‘come and try’ days

· Ridge camps

· Fun flying days

· Mini competitions or Grand Prix

· Trivia nights or social evenings

· Almost anything else…

Who is responsible?

The AJGC state representative’s role is to facilitate at least one Local Series event in their region each year. The state representative generally has freedom to run any format they like, provided the committee agrees that it is a good idea.


1. Attract and engage new and existing juniors in each state.

2. Foster mateship amongst participants.

3. Provide an opportunity for participants to have fun.

4. Provide an opportunity for participants to learn something new.

5. Minimise cost to participants.

6. 6. Seek to include a diverse range of juniors (and their supporters).