Benefits of Membership

Make An Impact

  • Be part of a social aviation movement with others like you.
  • Share your ideas & receive recognition for the good stuff you do.
  • Be in contact with likeminded individuals.


  • Participate in the Annual Junior National Championships (JoeyGlide)
  • Junior training and coaching events around the country
  • Opportunity to compete in World Championships in Australia & Overseas.


  • Our Astir CS VH-WUA
  • Help to get in touch with coaches and mentors
  • Access to lectures & theoretical knowledge
  • Access to learning through others’ experiences


The Australian Junior Gliding Club has a financial sponsorship scheme to help further the involvement of its members in aviation. Find out more on our Sponsorship page.


By becoming a member of the Australian Junior Gliding Club Inc. you will gain support from other members with the same initiative as yourself as well as a highly committed Executive who are dedicated to helping your development.

Also, by becoming a member you are not only supporting your own endeavours in aviation but others’ as well. We have representatives on several panels ensuring that Australian juniors get a fair say in gliding matters and our Current Committee is dedicated to the development of the Australian Junior Soaring Movement.


The cost of an annual membership is $25 for juniors (people under 26 years of age), and $50 for people 26 and over.

We accept payment through bank transfer or paypal. The details are listed below:

Junior Flying/Non-Flying Membership (Under the age of 26)

Adult Flying/Non-Flying Membership (26 years of age and over)

Bank Transfer

Account Name: Australian Junior Gliding Club

Account Number: 1018 4207

BSB: 062 438

Australian Junior Gliding Membership Form

Sign up using the Google Form below. Alternatively you can use the link here.