AJGC - Aircraft


The Australian Junior Gliding Club (AJGC) owns a single seat Astir CS, VH-WUA. The AJGC is continually investing time and money to maintain the excellent condition of the glider without having to increase the low hire rates.

The aircraft is currently on loan to the Adelaide University Gliding Club until April 2019. Each April, the status of WUA's loan to the respective club is reviewed, since we are constantly looking for ways to maximize utilization of WUA and boost junior involvement.

Do you and your friends want a glider to yourselves, at very affordable rates? Get in touch with the AJGC Executive and WUA could be on it's way to your home club soon.

WUA is also available to hire for JoeyGlide and all other competitions and regattas. WUA comes fully equipped - with instruments, ground handling gear and a safe trailer - at very affordable rates for members of the AJGC. Contact the AJGC for more information on general hire.


The AJGC also has available an IS28B-2 two-seat training glider - which we once owned.

In 2017, the AJGC sold the aircraft to Corowa Soaring Club on condition that GFM would undergo a life extension program and general restoration.

The deal entailed the AJGC having access to the aircraft for 3 weeks each year, in which members of the AJGC can fly GFM at no cost.

If you're interested in free flying with your friends in a two-seat glider, stay tuned!